Grades vs Experience: My Perspective did Simu Liu get to marvel because of acting grades or experience? If you don't already know, I currently hold a masters degree from the University of Glasgow, and will be receiving my masters from University College London (UCL). Having just received my results from UCL, I look back to my entire journey. In … Continue reading Grades vs Experience: My Perspective

Memory Palace

Welcome back to my series on improving memory and learning. Over the past three weeks, I covered the basis of memory and learning, taking breaks during learning, and using mnemonic devices. Today, I will introduce the advanced technique of memory palace. What is the memory palace? If you watched the BBC series “Sherlock”, Sherlock Holmes, … Continue reading Memory Palace

Thining about how Memory Works

Welcome to the first post in the series for memory and learning. If you have not already read my introduction to this series, please have a look at the following link: Why this post on memory? I want to help students learn better. Students may know what to do for learning, but sometimes not … Continue reading Thining about how Memory Works

Preparing for exams and improving your memory For students out there, this is the post you want to read. It is approaching a period of exams for different walks of life. The end of the year exam looms around the corner, many students are in the midst (or hopefully planning) of their studying routine. I am sure every student may wonder: … Continue reading Preparing for exams and improving your memory

Can we eliminate negative comments? Answer: No, we cannot. In light of Joseph Schooling’s lackluster performance at the Tokyo Olympics, initial comments were harsh and critical. However, the public soon poured out support for the Singaporean star. Even President Halimah released a statement supporting Schooling, while condemning the people who criticised him. These types of criticism-to-support narratives (e.g., England players drawing flak for … Continue reading Can we eliminate negative comments? Answer: No, we cannot.

My critique on the claims of paternity leave benefits

If you have not already seen it, ST published the news article on 20 June 2021:  Better outcomes in family when dads take paternity leave: Study (click link). While reading ST, a particular headline caught my eye: "Children whose fathers take paternity leave when they are born are significantly less likely to have behavioural issues like … Continue reading My critique on the claims of paternity leave benefits